It is our brightness, not our darkness, which frightens us most. We think: who are we to be brilliant, gorgeous, and talented? In fact, who are we not to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented? Keeping ourselves small does not serve the world.
~Nelson Mandela

S2 strategic skills

At S2 strategic skills we teach skills from within a coaching framework. Your staff learn new skills in such a way that they become integrated and sustained, making sure your company goals are achieved.


We start with a thorough assessment of your needs to get a true understanding of your goals and the challenges you face in achieving them.


Together with you, we design a training program to build the skill sets needed to achieve your well defined goals.


We create and deliver these programs in such a way that the skills we teach become integrated in your staff’s working lives.


In the final stage of our process, we commit to maintain this momentum through one on one coaching and group follow up sessions, adapting and adjusting along the way throughout as required.

main competencies

Managerial/Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Sales Consulting, Sales Training, Communication Excellence, Collaborative Team Coaching and Development, Change and Transition, Objective setting, Strategic Assessment and Visioning